smartphone-982557_1920.jpgPhone calls, or the lack thereof, were the topic of my second-ever LinkedIn article waaaay back in March 2014.

In 5+ years, 125 articles later, texting has become dominant among most generations, not because they are necessarily better for communication, but because they take less time.

So my friends of all ages and socio-economic strata, show your mobile phone number in your contact details on LinkedIn, instead of an office number. Here’s how.

The simple fact: a mobile number accepts both calls and texts, with voice mail backup, at the choice of the caller/sender.

Your office phone has 2 out of 3. You don’t want to miss a text that is undeliverable to an office phone number. That’s a missed opportunity.

The sender will not follow up to see why you didn’t reply. They move on to the competitor.