No, I am not avoidant, but I come across a lot of others who are.

The Google dictionary defines the word as

relating to or denoting a type of personality or behavior characterized by the avoidance of intimacy or social interaction.

and I can use it in a sentence, “The lawyer seems to be demonstrating avoidant behavior; I am reviewing his LinkedIn profile and he has left me wondering why he was incapable of telling what his area of expertise was.”

In fact, his LinkedIn profile indicates he is the owner of a solo practice, and after a few clicks in his profile I am still unable to ascertain what his specialty is, or if he is indeed a general practice lawyer as I assume he is, but mostly I am wondering why he is not saying so.

An oversight, being too close to his own self-description?

Or avoidant? Unable to articulate in his social media interaction, to a universe of careless readers with split second attention spans, why he does what he does? 

I’d bet if I asked him why his profile is so lightweight, he would answer, “I don’t get any business from LinkedIn, so why spend the time on it?”

I rest my case.

And for the record, if it pleases the blog court, you don’t have to be a lawyer to be “avoidant” either!