Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Quarterbacking for the client


The conversation around the networking breakfast table was about quarterbacking, within your organization and outside of it.

Inside, I know who to work with, from experience and common ground towards a common goal, my client centricity. I know that the people I have worked with at my vendors and publishers see eye to eye with me. I pick and choose from among them as needed. The client is ultimately benefitted, although they may never know, they just get to use my services.

Outwardly, when I come across an opportunity out-of-bounds from my expertise, I allocate the opportunity to the right person in my trusted network, I choose one or more of them, based on traits I respect: personality, client orientation and my past experience with them. I am delighted to introduce the parties on LinkedIn. An example is below:


Quarterbacking the play is an art. I threw the pass, Now the receiver must catch it just right.  Scoring with others to benefit my client is the icing on the cupcake.

I do love to lick the icing.

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