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What to do while waiting

I arrived early.

So many things can get in the way of arriving on time. Like traffic or a train delay or…

So I make sure I have more than enough time to get comfortable or prepare myself mentally or check in with the tech support folks or whatever will ensure less agita and allow more concentration on the subject and target of the meeting. It’s a habit.

But sometimes there’s extra downtime too, and I treasure that quiet time to check in and see what I need to attend to right away.

Texts, emails, voicemails; a client query, a message that needs a reply to push along to the next progress stage, or it can be a change in plans.

Like: “I’m sorry but I have to look after something urgent so I can’t see you, but you will be in great hands meeting my associate.”

Huh? I prepped to meet the original person but I’m in their lobby, early, so I need to jump on LinkedIn on my smartphone to make me smarter and re-prepare for the person I am now about to meet.

Makes sense, right? Use the best tools at hand. Use the mobile LinkedIn app in a pinch.

A few minutes later I am back in the saddle with ideas to make both of us in this revised meeting more conversational, based on the new data I have absorbed from the other person’s LinkedIn profile.

Like whom we know in common, like topics and professional interests we share, like (just maybe) a prior company we are familiar with, like a quick read of a publication the other person wrote or was quoted in.

This of course assumes their LinkedIn profile is well rounded and complete.

But it’s not always.

Sometimes I have to be intuitive or inquisitive. But everyone likes to talk about themselves so this will go fine, the best I can make it.

And what if the other person also reviewed my LinkedIn profile?

Now we’re talking (literally)!

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