worthI was approached by email out of the blue to present at a public library near my home office, no mention of where they heard about me or whom I had to thank. Only a bland email asking me if I was interested.

Since I pursue every lead, I emailed back, asking about length of program, audience, day and time, and budget for compensation.

No reply after 2 weeks, so I refreshed the dialog. A reply. Still no answer to any of the questions except the pay level, and frankly it’s not really going to even cover the gas and time in the car to get there and back, let alone the preparation for, delivery of, and educational value my session would provide. And here’s the rub, from the size of the fee they offered, no recognition for the years of accumlated knowledge I have collected to be able to give such a presentation. 

So I politely responded that I am a professional speaker and that I routinely receive more than that amount, so please remove me from consideration…Which reminds me of a great article I was once sent by a colleague a long time ago, “No. You Can’t Pick My Bran, It Costs Too Much.

Well worth a read! As a subject expert, do not work for food or car fare, for the record.