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Not just the facts on #LinkedIn

factsI always like seeing progress, either in numbers, as in followers of my profile, or a career move by a colleague, or work anniversary milestones of my peers.

The facts that LinkedIn keeps track of help push your news to the front of the line.

I used to be in the running among the 25 most followed LinkedIn Experts, but that’s something that will grow more organically and steadily in my future, rather than the previous leaps, and I am OK with that.

LinkedIn has an uncanny ability to keep track of facts and remind others, as in work anniversaries, Mine was a couple of weeks ago and the comments and “likes” came flying in. A nice feeling. Ping, ping, ping on my connections’ radar screens.

Beware bald facts without reference points in your Experience section like “I saved the company $10,000.”  In a billion-dollar company 10 grand is not nearly as laudable as in a small startup, where is it epic. So give a percentage of the budget reference or percent increase vs. the previous year for comparison.

Don’t make the reader have to ponder the meaning and drama of the great work you say you accomplished. Help them understand without any pause to wonder. This is marketing, folks.

Figures lie and liars figure, as the saying goes.


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