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My continuous Pride in all my #Linkedin connections

pride_fingerprint-649818_1920LinkedIn, being the currency of global professional business interconnectivity, is color-blind, gender-neutral, areligious, and apolitical. Open and accepting.

Or at least it should be…we have to ensure this.

In fact, LinkedIn is self-policing, relying on all of us and our smart business decision-making to keep the platform safe and embracing. To promote a high community standard, it has rules as such, It is in this way LinkedIn is not Facebook:

We do not allow hate speech acts like attacking people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical condition.

Businesses are increasingly showing inclusiveness and acceptance of all lifestyles in their advertising and employment practices. A few Pride-month-related posts trickled into my LinkedIn home page since the beginning of June, mostly by consumer manufacturers, designed to show their periodic (June is Pride Month) open-mindedness.

Must it be overt as a special month, once a year?

Yes, better once than not at all. But we need to more openly, routinely, naturally embrace inclusivity in our business community and society as a whole–at least I would suggest on LinkedIn that we never post something possibly offensive, or tolerate others’ inappropriate actions or comments–that makes one group or one individual feel ostracized, less than equal, alone, apart.


No bias or aspersions by gender, religion, hatred, etc.; rather, blaze a trail to improve the human condition, one person at a time. For that noble reason, this sign graces my front yard, reminding us all daily, just in case we suffer a momentarily lapse in proper judgement.

Thumbs up to all my diverse connections, 3107 and counting. Andf to my clients, colleagues, and friends. This month. And every month. And every day, on LinkedIn and in our continuous business interchange.


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