nonlinear career

{I have posted on this in the past but it is worth repeating as I get the question fairly frequently.}

I run into clients, who in relating their career story, wrestle with the best way to describe taking an extended leave from their career, due to:

  • their illness,
  • an accident,
  • tending to others who need them,
  • raising children, or
  • caring for a struggling family business until is it buoyed…

and then they return to their once-regular career trajectory.

But in that self-imposed time span, perhaps the industry has changed, the major players have changed roles, new startups are challenging the old status quo.

Present or temporarily absent, you need to stay on top of your industry, so keep up to warp speed on the events in your field.

One way is to follow certain hashtags to receive updated news. LinkedIn helps you by suggesting some to you when you update your connections. Feel free to create more. Stay informed.

LinkedIn provides some good guidance on what to say in your profile to explain and bridge the time gap(s). Watch this short video of 19 images and take note of their suggestions.

Not all careers are linear.  The onus is on you to tell us why this was your decision:

  • Embrace it as nothing to be ashamed of,
  • Tell your unique story of “why,”
  • Don’t embellish; use marketing savvy to tell your personal story,

Never feel alone. Life in and out of your career persona is part of the richness of your experience and your story. We all go through it. Explain your way.