Today's LinkedIn Nugget

On being recognized

networkcircleA man walked up and asked me if I was the “LinkedIn guy.” I asked where we had met, and found out I had spoken to a group in which he was in the audience recently.

Then he dropped a name of a mutual connection he had worked for recently, on her recent book. We chatted for a while, acknowledging the richness of knowing our mutual connection. Good karma.

Later that evening, striking while the proverbial fire was hot, I messaged our mutual connection to let her know her friend had stopped me, to simultaneously keep our mutual network connectivity fresh via this chance meeting.

I also gambled and reached out to the person who stopped me, and asked him to connect via LinkedIn. After all, I know our mutual connection finds the cream of the crop to associate with, so I feel the embrace in her entourage.

That’s another way to optimize LinkedIn as an organic network of good people who know other good people. 

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