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Guide on the side, with some sage on the stage

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My LinkedIn work brings me into the lives of a wide variety of people, most of whom know that they need help. I am pleased to be hired to offer that assistance. You don’t cut your own hair and you don’t pull your own teeth, so hire an expert.

My books are designed to bring new ideas to those who learn by reading. My public sessions are teasers, admittedly, to make you want to hire me, or at least buy a book.

Alas, there are too many so-called sages on stages, pontificating “LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for Entrepreneurs” in an hour (an utter waste of time since you cannot learn the basics of any one of these platforms in one hour).

But consumers that we are, most people attend, jot some notes, make a few cosmetic changes and then think they have a stellar LinkedIn profile. The world should then come knocking at their door, right? Not really, so, they attend another public session later on, mine or another expert’s, rinse, repeat.

No progress. They haven’t learned much.

As much as I appreciate the opportunity to speak in a public forum or train in a private group, company or firm, for me, coaching individuals is my true love: getting into someone’s head to listen and weave the “stuck” aspects of what they won’t, or can’t, admit but should, helping them plan, then develop the right concepts to convey, and tweaking their words, a tapestry of their career history, to be better perceived than their competition.

Guiding from the sidelines is what a coach does. I wrote about a gifted piano teacher I observed 2 weeks ago. Similarly, my client does the heavy work, my coaching offers pointers along the way to incent the recipient to greater achievement.

But give me a professional who recognized he/she is “stuck,” sincerely wants to learn one-to-one, and ahhhh, by the end of our 4 coaching sessions, when they thank me with “this was amazing” and then care to refer me to others, well folks, that’s the reward, from them and to their referral.

Guiding on the side: my richest dessert.


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