beach readingDo you have a favorite book, or two, or three?

Why not nurture your connection group and recommend your faves in an update on your profile? Ahem, the books do not even have to be business-related (radical thought!)

Summer is a great reading time, via a paper-based or electronic book, at the beach, pool, lake, in a plane, train, or car (but not while driving, please, although you can easily listen to great books on audio and drive!)

Tell us briefly why the book(s) is/are meaningful and who can benefit.

OK I will kick off.

In no particular order:

  1. Start With Why, by Simon Sinek, a great (!) treatise on why to be persuasive in a world of naysayers and why telling your why is all-important. You know my opinions on this, right?
  2. The Start-Up of You, by Reid Hoffman, a thoughtful way to think of yourself differently, not as a completed work, but as a project in beta, never completed, with many examples. You know my opinion this too.
  3. And of course my 2 books (cheap advertisement, I know).

You can easily provide an Amazon link so the price, synopsis, and reviews are in easy access, like I did.

What’s your favorite book(s) you want to share with other readers on this blog?

You can share the good knowledge you treasure. That’s part of your thought leadership value proposition, right?