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If you don’t know about the TV series “Stories from the Stage” by now, you should. And you will get hooked!

Pubic Broadcasting has now presented 2 seasons of standup story tellers, not all of whom are professionals, but all wear their hearts on their sleeves, pouring their lives out in short monologues, and the stories are then rearranged along themes: falling in love, backroads of Tennessee, I didn’t see that one coming etc.

The human drama is not always deathly serious. Nor predictable. It’s often fond memories of family warmth around the table.  Or it can be the stark reality of harsh adult life that children have to maneuver.

It’s a newly-arrived immigrant recalling aromas as he reminisces on his mother’s cooking and bringing his new American school friends over to ooh and ahh, it’s the formerly obese girl’s painful reliance on afterschool snacks and Mr. Rogers on TV, telling her she is special, as the now-middle aged woman tells us. You can’t make this stuff up…

Likewise, your story, on LinkedIn, is your career. Truth and marketing mixed. Hearts and minds want to know your progression. It’s the chapters and scenes that make a casual reader stop and understand the vision and opportunity you present.

Please tell us the richness of your career trajectory.

Paint it in colors of logos and video, add textures of audio and PDF files.

Make it a show that we want to listen to, so we will remember you for it.

But as I always say, if you don’t tell us, we don’t get to know just how interesting you really are.

So tell us your career story: past, present, and future!


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