Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Mission accomplished…

ENDOFANERAI recently concluded my teaching LinkedIn to under-employed baby boomers at Westchester Jewish Community Services’ Career>Connect program.

The funding for the program washed away. I am proud to have participated as a trainer for nearly 9 of its 10 years.

This news disappointed me, but all great things come to an end. This was a fantastic run. I really enjoyed it.

It allowed me to help so many talented people get past the “deer in the headlights” phase of under-employment, urge them to articulate their “why” as they re-established their self-respect, and we heard stories of how they soon become employed, some in positions they never would have attained without a polished LinkedIn profile, as they reported.

I want to publicly thank Jill Schreibman, Naomi Koller, and Sylvia Davi for their support, friendship, and collaboration to make my piece of the program what it became, from its humble beginnings in April 2010. Where did 8 3/4 years go?

To all of you readers whom I met at WJCS, stay in touch and thank you for enriching me. You provided me the “living laboratory” research that I needed to write my soon-to-be-released “LinkedIn for Baby Boomers” online course.

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