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Strike two, yer out!

In the roundtable of brief introductions at a networking event, we signalled to one another a desire to speak further afterwards.

Then we chatted, exchanging questions and answers how we can help each other.

She seemed really interested. I was too.

We calendarized a phone appointment.

I was to call her.

I confirmed the day before.

As agreed, I called at the arranged time.

She answered her phone after a number of rings.

Her: ‘Sorry. I meant to email or call you yesterday, but I have a deadline that I have to meet. Can we do this at another time? I can’t take the time to schedule something now.  Send me another calendar invitation. Sorry. Bye.”


Strike one.

Not very sorry, it appears. So, my schedule means little to her, but I’ll forgive, once. 

Me, trying to make something of this call better than the way it started, thinking to myself: “Uh, when?”

Then I turned it around. 

Me, making her own it by email: “Why don’t you send me an email with possible days and times to speak next week, but let’s make a point to talk.”

In my mind: “you owe it to me since you messed up.”

Her: “I apologize. Shall do.”

(Greek chorus: “Don’t expect it. She’s not showing herself as a person you want to work with. She probably cuts in line. She apologizes insincerely. She probably runs with scissors. She thinks her time is worth more than others’.”) 

So I gave her one week. Crickets. I’m spending energy on other professionals who demonstrate the respect attribute, meeting me 50% of the way, unlike her.

By the way I disconnected from her on LinkedIn, not my type of professional connection…

(Reader: you knew that was coming!) 

Strike two, yer out.  

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  1. “She probably runs with scissors!” You’re hilarious. Entire thing…I endorse the entire thing!

    I’ll say Bravo if nobody else has!

    – Rob Thomas

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