Today's LinkedIn Nugget

How to manage too many choices

got milk

Real picture. I took it at a coffee bar in a theater complex in Manhattan.

No wonder people get so frustrated with social media, there’s so many platforms to choose from, each with its own way of enabling you to tell a story and to its own audience.

So the meek sink their head in the sand and leave their LinkedIn profile to petrify. You can sense their old, stale LinkedIn a mile away. Hopefully that group does not include you.

Rise to the top, my reader. Be the cream of the crop of choices for your competitors, however you define them. Let your thoughts percolate as they consider you and they’ll choose the flavor you add to your LinkedIn career story, a brew in itself, as you mellow it and make it tastier to the sipper at your profile cup.

One more baaad pun-be caffeinated to keep the reader lively throughout his/her reading your profile, good to the last drop!

The next blog post will appear Tuesday the 28th, Happy, safe Memorial Day weekend.

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