IDNThis past weekend we went to see a graduate student play at Columbia University in NYC. My wife kept overhearing references to “Emma Fay” and thought it must’ve been the name of a star student, when in fact they were talking about MFA!

I know one person (remaining nameless) who has 6 sets of 3- and 4-letter acronyms after his name. It reads like a chemical formula! And he has 7 more (a numbing total of 13!) in the Certifications section of his LinkedIn profile, where he spells out all 13 acronyms and gives a brief idea what it means and why it is important.

I know a woman who lists CEO, CPA, CFO just after her name in her Headline. These 3 are certainly acceptable acronyms that everyone in business should be familiar with.

Bottom line: beware abbreviations and other industry-specific nomenclature, as not everyone who reads your profile knows your industry vernacular.

Making something hard to understand is confusing to the casual reader on your LinkedIn profile and we all know they go AWOL ASAP PDQ when frustrated!

Nothing to ROFL about.