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Move along, city slicker


Recently I lunched with a man in New York City who admitted he had no idea where Connecticut was in relation to Manhattan or what it was like, and he is not even originally from NYC! Yes, you get that from native New Yorkers but not usually from “foreigners.”

Yes, I admit I do not know the order of contiguous towns on Long Island, but at least I don’t admit that (tee hee)…

He was asking my help in connecting him to the business movers and shakers in my network in a large city in Connecticut, and I knew just the person to facilitate that set of connections.

He subconsciously was taking a pointer from this article in HBR about moving to a new city and what you do to prepare to make connections there. Moving to a new city or moving in on a new city to expand your geographci reach: same thing.

A long time ago I used a story in my LinkedIn sessions as an example: how to best accomplish a long-distance move to open avenues of business connectivity before leaving for the new destination. One way was to research second level connections there and ask a first level connection yu and the intended party share to “grease” meaningful connections. Immediate access to colleagues abounds, with the right introductions.

Try it. My NYC friend assured me he would do more of this too.


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