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I prefer to coach clients in a neutral spot. No distractions or interruptions. No client emergencies to derail the progression we are working on.

A quiet, wifi-enabled space with 2 chairs, a table and no one eavesdropping. That’s all.

Luckily for me I have those places to meet.

But sometimes that’s impossible. The clients are located in other countries, cities, and/or time zones.

We skype, we zoom, we share screens and speak by phone. Any way that works.

Perhaps in normal situations they maintain an open-door policy in their office and they get torn away temporarily from my call with them. To be perfectly honest, since I don’t do that, they shouldn’t either.

I schedule the time for them, exclusively, and give them 110% of me each session.

They need to pay rapt attention to the concepts and the ideas I bring them, introduce to them, suggest for them, hone to their situation, customize to their needs. When they are not in my “zone,” they are not gaining the true effect for the fee I charge.

I just want them to gain top value.

Am I unreasonable in my expectations? I think not.