I know my fellow LinkedIn coaches and trainers will agree: LinkedIn misbehaves when you least expect it, at the worst possible times, like when you are teaching a group or coaching a client. You want to show something that worked a few minutes ago, or the day before, and you can’t.

Penalty buzzer…

That’s frustrating. Yes, in a growing technology platform, it will happen. But it happens more than enough.

It just happened to me: I just posted a message in one of my Groups about the ideal of helping someone else by spreading the link to their upcoming seminar on my home page to all my connections. But I can’t.

Perhaps later today, perhaps tomorrow it will work again. Gremlins work 24x7x366. I am not sure most people have the same patience and resolve to try again later. Many clients complain that they hate LinkedIn because there’s so many moving parts, changing and often the parts don’t work when they want them.

I will try again later. But I’d like LinkedIn to be more consistently glitch-free as a service. My clients want that too.

If something is going down temporarily for maintenance, tell us please so we can plan?

Business brand marketing communications run 24x7x366 too.