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Managing Groups on #LinkedIn; help the manager help you

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Starting and managing a Group is a labor of love, no other words for it.

Because nearly no one actively participates when you start a Group. They may say “I want to be part of it, yeah, let’s do it, invite me, I’ll join,” but what that really means is they want to be a spectator in the sport, not run with the ball.

Then with me as the only contributor to the Group, their interest wanes. No surprise. Vicious cycle.

As manager, I am only 1 person. The power of Groups is in the interactions.

The power is in asking questions or answering their questions. in an informal forum of similarly-interested practitioners you might not normally have access to, perhaps worldwide, to experts in the field. You may be an expert, but you do not know everything about your field. OK I said it.

Lean on the others who want to help. Ask your fellow Group members an open ended question “How have you handled a situation such as {this}…” or “I am pondering doing {that}…has any one has success doing so?”

The manager is not responsible for the success of the Group. The members are.

So please select one Group you are in and get involved just once, answer one question, ask one.

See what happens.

Get in the mix.

Don’t just be a spectator. Rumble.

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