2womenmeetingThink of all the great people you are connected to.

You know them, or have vetted them, right?

Carol Greenwald taught us in last Friday’s guest blog some of the etiquette of connecting.

Building on that and going one step further, I urge you to get out and meet the new connections you make, as an on-boarding exercise. Meeting those earlier connections too makes sense, either for the first time or as a refresher.

I practice what I preach. Last week I met with a new connection, and 2 hours later after a robust conversation, we had hit that “Vulcan mind meld” and have some specific follow- ups to help each other progress.

Later that day I finally met my marketing manager at my publisher, who was in town. It had been a two-year phone relationship and honestly, making the 3 block walk to meet him and chat for an hour will lead to some very productive additional events that I can use to “pump” my book, with his help.

Make the effort. Make the first step in arranging a meeting. A $2 cup of coffee is a small investment.

And don’t forget to look at the meeting partner’s LinkedIn profile, to find common conversation threads that help you along the chat, making it more meaningful for both of you.