All too frequently, I get that question when I coach professionals, as I suggest they think more deeply as they work through the process to renovate their profile.

Because I coach them, they do the heavy lifting. They get grass stains, I smooth the ruts they left. They take the extra laps. I’m there waiting for them to gain the experience they need to get the task accomplished well.

When I was young, I had a painting teacher who held my little hand and painted for me. Great pictures, my parents were impressed, but I learned nothing. That’s one reason my style is separate from some of my fellow LinkedIn experts: I do not write your profile as part of my service. I want my client to write it and re-write it for the whole experience, including felling the self-satisfaction that they improved their story, profile, and memorability greatly.

Too often, losing their self-confidence to tell their real career story, clients shrink back to a more childish state and ask me (as if I am the ultimate authority), “is this all right? Is this what you want me to do?” My reply is: “This is your profile. What do you want to say?” Then we work on saying that best together if they cannot n their own.

Yes, there are grammar and usage lessons along the way, gently suggested. But mostly it’s saying the right things in the right ways in the right places.

The art, not the science. I am not a scientist. I will say that some of my clients do produce works of art, from the “before” to the “after” versions of their profiles.

I much prefer when they push back and say, ” I see where you are coming from, but how about this?” as they proceed to make their profile their own tone and style. That’s the goal.

A coach in sports scores nothing. It’s his or her team that gains the points to win the game. No coach ever gets on the field to rumble. The team members get the benefit of learning as they play. This LinkedIn coach lets his clients run, fumble, improve, score and move on to the next part of the LinkedIn game.

Let’s find a way to make you a star in that game together: you play, I coach.