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Back to basics Tuesday: #LinkedIn’s “commercial use” search limit


The scenario: You don’t subscribe to LinkedIn (neither do I) and you are engaged in a large search.

Perhaps you are job hunting, casting a large net. Perhaps a client has asked you to help and you see LinkedIn as a great tool to accomplish the task. Perhaps you are on the team to identify a board director for your nonprofit and you are inundated with candidates to vet.

And then you get it: the dreaded commercial use limit message from LinkedIn: a warning you are approaching the end of your month’s allotment of free searches, and then you breach it, then you have to subscribe.

Not to worry!

If you are near the end of the calendar month, your imposed limit drops away at midnight Pacific time on the first day of the new month. Just pick up where you left off.

Or if that is not feasible, subscribe for one month at the lowest level subscription and mark your calendar to advise LinkedIn a few days before the monthly subscription renews that you want to cancel.

Just don’t forget to do that. I speak to so many people who forgot and have paid for a subscription they didn’t need for months, years. LinkedIn will not remind you, but your credit card company will routinely process the payment. And don’t get suckered into the less-expensive-per-month annual subscription, because it’s not refundable, in whole or in part. Period.

Here’s the Help Center page with full details on this topic.

Note what counts and does not count to the search limit (from that same page):

Specific activities that contribute to the limit include:

  • Searching for LinkedIn profiles on and mobile.
  • Browsing LinkedIn profiles using the People Also Viewed section located on the right rail of a profile.

These activities do not count toward the limit:

  • Searching profiles by name using the search box located at the top of every page on
  • Browsing your 1st-degree connections from the connections page.
  • Searching for jobs on the jobs page.

Now you know.