Today's LinkedIn Nugget

No thanks, I’ll make that decision myself

restaurant-690975_1920I get a lot of offers to have someone write my blog for me or boost my SEO, unsolicited. Many are from people out of the country with no apparent knowledge of my fields of business–I know, I look at their LinkedIn profiles. In fact I received two today, the same spam message to two of my email boxes.

This type of guerilla reconnaissance penetration into my “territory” feels empty, cheap, just like the other beef I have with unsubstantiated requests to connect to total strangers on LinkedIn.

Yes, both are an assault to business etiquette and professional sensibility, at least how I see it. I can choose my own vendors without them coming at me daily, unsolicited.

So to all of you who want to do my webdevelopment work or explode my SEO results better than I or my chosen expert can, no thanks. I have already blocked you. And to the rest who continue to demonstrate how lonely they are and want to meet strangers like me in the LinkedIn blind date mixing bowl, no thanks, don’t even bother. I ignored or wrote back to you professionally.

I can satisfy my insatiable appetite to express myself.

I can source great professional connections to nurture. I give them 51 to their 49 at a minimum.

LinkedIn is not a cafeteria, open to all to fill trays with piles of mediocre food they quickly choose in a line.

Rather, it is fine dining, on restaurant row, by those who savor the art of the experience and appreciate conversation with great company.

I’ll make that business nutrition decision myself.