rollercoaster_blurBabe Ruth struck out a lot more than once. Great world leaders endure disappointment as they rise to meet challenges.

I am neither a Babe Ruth nor a world leader. But I receive a “no thank you” or “radio silence” in situations I think are “in the bag” from time to time: optimism meeting realism.

Luckily I get more enthusiastic yeses than nos. I choose to put my positive energy into the clients who opted for my yes column.

The other day, after contacting a prospect a few times for a status update, I received his polite “no thank you.” It hurt for a moment and then I told myself I must move on.

Later that day I got a “we can’t wait” for a proposal for the new client. And I completed another project for an existing client who keeps “coming back to our well to drink.” And a client told me on the phone she appreciated all that I was doing for their small organization.

One part rejection. Three parts appreciation. That’s a multipreneurial recipe I can live with.

Yes, rejection is part of the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. If it comes too frequently, perhaps a resetting of your business operating system is needed to clarify the blur. If it comes once in a while, embrace it as a natural part of consulting life that we must learn to deal with.

Look backwards to right your past errors (and I may add here it’s not always you–it can be the prospect who just is not ready or realistic). 

Reader, there’s no time for self-ruinous negative energy spent on dejection. Your prospects and clients are perceptive in your physical and verbal delivery, how you feel about yourself and your services. No one dances with a wall flower, as I like to say.

Pick yourself up and keep moving upwards. Always improve your performance objectives for your new fans.

Hang on and ride that roller coaster with me, ok?


I’ll take tomorrow off for the holiday and wish you a pleasant long holiday weekend.

Next week we have a guest blog from a marketing expert who was featured in an interview in my nonprofit book, Kristin Sinatra.

It’s going to be a good one, if I know her!

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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