Today's LinkedIn Nugget

What can be done to (for) you

pointing finger feedback1Ninety minutes elapsed in my recent phone training session #1 with a very marketing-oriented professional in another time zone. All along, she was absorbing all the suggested changes based on my interviewing her and cajoling her to tell about herself.

I found out she had left out a lot, she hadn’t filled in her impressive accomplishments and felt unfulfilled in that LinkedIn was not providing her the business eyes she wanted. One thing leads to another, huh?

So I captured the link to recorded session, sent it to her, summarizing aggressively important assignments due to me the day before our next session.

But I counseled, no excuses, no delays. Please do not reschedule, as she would not do that her clients, and I would not reschedule on her. Work on the long plane ride next week, work in front of the TV. Just do it, because now is the time to renovate your profile while the redirection I provided is fresh.  

And then at the wrapup endpoint of our session, she verbalized her realization that I take this very seriously: I should hold her accountable for the homework, due to me for review before our next session.

I like to keep the momentum up between sessions, but have found that coaching clients realistically need 2 weeks between sessions 1 and 2. Then a week or so between the rest of the ensuing sessions. And I heard the unease and hesitation in her voice that she would do what I asked, yet was gratified that she would commit to the timetable as she did, and we hung up from the call.

My thank you email went out to her 10 minutes after the session: a few comments, the voice recording link, a receipt, and 2 links I promised to send.

I take my work seriously. Shouldn’t I be as professional as she is?

And then it came, the email every coach waits for, smiling inwardly as I read it. knowing I made a difference:

My mind is spinning. I’ve got my work cut out for me. But it’s a good thing. It’s painfully obvious how badly I’ve neglected my LinkedIn profile. Massive opportunity for improvement.

Oh yeah.

She’s sated with my flavor of Kool-Aid. We will accomplish this complex multitask. together.

Reader, you can be equally moved, as a client, or read my book(s), or refer me to others, as she was from another client.

We all need to feed the LinkedIn beast.