complaining-154204_1280Recently I have seen a lot of comments and agita in my Home Page feed that LinkedIn is not working well for the complainer.

Well, at this desk, complaints are not acceptable when positive action can and should be taken to remedy the results that the complainer is receiving. Some ideas:

  1. “I get advertising come-ons poorly disguised as connection requests.” Yes these are annoying but when you click “I do not know this person” as you reject their connection request, enough of these will trigger LinkedIn to admonish the offender.
  2. “I don’t think I have the right to share what I am reading with others. What if I annoy them?” These are people you have already exchanged a privilege of connecting with, so if you think an article is worth sharing, they should welcome it, and the more excellent material you share with your connections, the more they value you.
  3. “I get nothing from Groups so why waste the time?” Contact the group manager to let him/her know (others may share the same feeling) to ask for a remedy. And see if here is another group or two or three instead of the one that doesn’t work.
  4. “I have a lot of people in my connections list I don’t know.” Ahem, you asked them to connect or they asked you. Weed out the dead wood from time to time.

What else do you have to comment about that I can help you remedy?