Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Shaking the #LinkedIn tree

shake a treeSometimes I have to marvel at the astonishing ways I meet people, discover new ideas, and gain new clients.

LinkedIn is a huge (!) part of this.  And they inspire me with their ideas and unique career stories. Because I really use it. You can too.

Here’s a sample: I get calls and emails from people who read my books who want to know something more specific. In one case, a consultant found my book on the shelves of a large pubic library, and he contacted me, a conversation ensued about his area of expertise and how LinkedIn could help him with it, a blog piece he ran focussed on me and others as thought leaders, and now we will record a podcast interview. New audiences, come hither!

Another sample: an attorney read my book, called me asking a few questions (which I welcome as you can see in the last pages of each book), and I realized her level of understanding LinkedIn could benefit from a couple of remote coaching sessions. One down, one more last week. She liked the first one so much that she referred me to an  attorney 3000 miles away, and now he and I will now work together too.

One more: neighbors who share a fence, one of whom is a good friend and networking leader, telling her neighbor about me as LinkedIn became part of their Sunday chat. That referral led to a series of 4 coaching sessions to help the sales pro neighbor put his very perceptive thoughts in order in a high-level way and make his “why” more understandable (to him, me and the profile reader!). I was told another neighbor across the street will call me too. Hey, send the whole block!

Three true stories testifying to the power of networking by one good person to another, exceeding expectations, and being exactly as described by the referral partner who leveraged my and his/her relationships.

I love getting involved with new clients via these tangential relationship stories: people all over the world I will probably never meet and yet they feel comfortable to spill out their career lives for me to guide them as they re-weave their “why” into a LinkedIn profile: amazing people getting amazing-er.

Thanks to all of you. Bring it on.