#servicewinsYes, service wins every time.

A service-win in today’s dismal service-standard does not set you apart when you respond to a message a day or two later; it does when you respond immediately. Not when you promised to get back to someone, but it does when you return the information that they sought ahead of schedule. Not that you scheduled a call and forgot/got tied up/started it late, but it does when you initiate the call at the appointed time. Apologies mean little.

If you operate a reliable service business, you must transform a client relation, deliver what you promised, and then some, and elevate it to elation.

You can weave that into your profile on LinkedIn:

  • State your personal service credo in your LinkedIn profile in your headline, summary and experience section, and add a few #service hashtags in your posts.
  • Add actual quotes from clients to complement what you say in your profile.
  • Make service-related skills prominent in your Skills and Endorsements section. Connections who actually know your service quality will endorse you.
  • Get recommendations from clients that reinforce what you say, by their giving examples and anecdotes of supreme service.

Your tagline will reinforce your being remembered and referred. Mine: we exceed expectations.

Be amazing-er than the other service competition. Tell us your #servicewins and others will refer you too.