Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn scheduler is coming

linkedin schedulerI make appointments like you. I bristle at the whole process of setting up a meeting with one or more people as everyone is on a different platform, or don’t use one at all.

Finally there is a solution (perhaps) on a platform that we can all work in: LinkedIn is launching a scheduler.

I believe this is a natural outgrowth of Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn a few years ago, one that I shared with you about my view of the future on this blog: see my prognostication #12 on 6/14/2016. It just made sense then. Now it is real, well, soon…

But don’t get too excited yet–it’s only on mobile devices, and not yet launched on Apple, and it requires that you are connected to the other individual(s). So it’s imperfect, but it’s a leap in the right direction!

And it will allow you to meet up with others, by co-locating you with the other party and suggest meeting places. I am not sure I am ready for that function, so call me old-fashioned. I will adjust to that out with time…

Now you know what’s coming…and with whom and where.