Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“What’s this speaker expert in?”

linkeidn professorFrom time to time I shake up an audience. I ask them who looked at my LinkedIn profile prior to attending one of my sessions.

Sheepishly, one or two hands go up. The rest look amazed I had the audacity to ask.

I ask because there’s a lesson to be imparted: look at the LinkedIn profile of a speaker you are attending and wish to learn from. Then his/her presentation has greater context from the career path taken, and you can ask more relevant questions.

Just like you review the profile of someone you are meeting with or calling.

Now my question makes sense, right?

Beware, I may ask this at a session you attend so I expect your hand to rise. And your take-aways from my session to increase. And your expertise to expand…ahem, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

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