Today's LinkedIn Nugget

How well do you stand out?

spotlightTo a stranger you are a blank stage, a blank canvas, a blank screen, a blank page.

It’s up to you to fill in the void.

You must make magic and transport the observer, jaded and skeptical, to a better place.

It’s your words, action, sound, art. It’s your experience and skills, learned along the way.

Your past makes your present.

Your presence (not a typo) has to incline the observer to invest in you and also him/herself, so much to gamble on you and later after the first interaction, enough to want to make you a part of their future. Or at least consider you among a short list of other competitors for it.

Bask in the spotlight for that fleeting moment. Make it last long enough for the reader of your LinkedIn profile to contact you to know more. or a competitor will soon eclipse your spotlight.