Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Greetings tell a lot…be better than others

telephone-3840285_1920I called my 2 Senators and Congressman Sunday. Not that I expected to reach them, but to leave a voice mail on a subject I felt strongly enough about that I wanted them to hear from me in my own voice.

Full disclosure: I like them all. I voted for them all. They represent my opinions and ideals.

But what struck me was how I was received….electronically.

One has a standard electronic (robotic) “Leave a message for Representative { }.” So I did.

The next had a young female voice greeting me and asking me to leave a message. I did.

The third had his recorded voice welcoming and asking me to leave him a message, my name and phone number so they could follow-up. I did and told them not to call me back, as that was not required.

As I reflect back on the three messages I left, the best one of the three was the one I left for the Senator’s recorded voice.

He was being himself. Perhaps subliminally I was thinking I was speaking directly to him, instead of to a junior staffer, or an answering service, as in the cases of the other two.

Flip this on its ear (I know, a bad pun): a reader of your LinkedIn profile will engage with you so much more personally, more professionally, respect you more when your profile is individualized, in your own words, in your timbre, in your authentic voice, as you express your “why.”

End with a call to action: “Call me.”

Don’t be flat; be a brand marketing version of yourself on LinkedIn. I’ve said it before, no one dances with wallflowers.