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Guest Blog Post: Anthony Lofrisco

guest blogAnthony provides his “read” on some new information that can help us all. His role as owner of an accomplished digital marketing agency, coupled with his years of experience in SEO and internet marketing, make this post titled “Battle of the Social Networks – Facebook vs. LinkedIn advertising” especially pertinent reading! Thanks, Anthony, for contributing your viewpoint.

If you’re an agency or marketer on top of trends in digital marketing, you’ll know all about Facebook’s coolest new advertising tactics including retargeting, video advertising and the latest, Facebook Live which allows for live online video streaming. Here at AdEdge Digital Marketing, we have seen Facebook advertising outperform LinkedIn, both on cost and clickthrough rates over the last few years.

But LinkedIn has just arrived at the party with a very promising new targeting tactic for B2Bs. It’s called LinkedIn Profile Targeting and it actually happens on Microsoft Bing’s Paid Search platform, not LinkedIn. Thank Microsoft who owns both companies. LinkedIn Profile Targeting combines the benefits of Bing paid search with the relevance of LinkedIn targeting that includes selections for industry, company size, professional title, group affiliations and more.

This new tactic can be especially effective for those who are promoting services that appeal to both consumers and B2Bs. For example, let’s say you offer cloud-based storage solutions for large enterprises. You may want to run a campaign on Google Ads and Bing for search terms like “Cloud Storage”, “Cloud Computing” and “Cloud Backup”. Sounds reasonable, right? The problem is, large enterprises aren’t the only organizations using and searching for cloud-based storage solutions. In fact, Google, Amazon and a host of others offer cloud storage for consumers and small businesses. Running such terms, most clicks to your ads are likely to come from consumers and others who are not in your sweet spot and those clicks are wasted dollars.

With LinkedIn Profile Targeting, you can now filter search results such that your ads are presented only to those who fit your LinkedIn profile targets. For example, you can select users who are employees of fortune 1000 companies and up, employees in the insurance industry, individuals with data, programmer, networking or other target terms in their title and/or by their title level such as Director or VP. While you may be concerned that you are reaching only a small fraction of users, those users you are reaching meet your targeting requirements exactly. They are in the market now for a solution, they are employed at a company that can use your solution, they are in a role involving data and based on their title level, they are in a position to recommend and/or decide to engage with your company.

Like all digital marketing, your industry, goals, audience and sales cycle all play a very important role in determining which channels of marketing you should pursue and which targeting tactics you should utilize within.


lofriscoAnthony LoFrisco Jr has enjoyed a 25+ year career in marketing serving a wide range of industries from startups to Fortune 500 companies including Time, Inc. Anthony has led his firm AdEdge to earn advanced certifications and win multiple awards from Google, the BBB and in 2018, the US Search Awards prestigious Best Small Digital Agency. He maintains the agency’s mission to drive fully transparent, cutting edge, cost-effective digital marketing performance for small- and medium-sized companies. 

If you’d like some insights on how to reach your targeted audience with the most effective forms of digital marketing, contact him at or 203-682-4585.