startupofyouThe artist’s process: each visual image starts up either from scratch (as in a sketch) or from a collage/hodgepodge (as in most people’s LinkedIn profiles).

Said another way, the visual transformation from a fuzzy caterpillar to a Monarch butterfly is one of time and maturation, from ugly to glorious, from monochrome to brilliant.

If you have ever renovated a part of your house, the “before” is bad, the “during” is worse, and the “after” makes it all worthwhile. Mastering  the process from start to end is the contractor’s art, the evolution to the best visual and functionality that  can be achieved from the plan, or if you are in one of the intangible, intellectual professions, the best you can provide in the area you practice.

I always say that a LinkedIn profile renovation is not a science, but an art, achieved by my client personally expressing “why me” with a little guidance from the coach. OK, some need more coaching than others, but that’s part of my development too. I am still morphing my customization skills to coach and train as well.

If you want a great book about the development process we are all in, pick up the book in the illustration. I listen to it in the car often.

You should absorb its wisdom at least once.