multipreneur1My mailbox held a single envelope, from a friend with a new business name and return address.

I needed to know what changed, as we know many people in common with her and hadn’t caught any winds of her changing her work from the entourage we share. And I wanted to help.

I called to congratulate, as email is not the right medium, and asked if she was indeed opening a dual business, which she was.

Then our conversation went to the specific area of her field she was starting the new business, why it aligns her interests and strengths, and I then offered my observations on how to characterize these dual pursuits on LinkedIn to readers. I can do that; I am also a multipreneur, as she has now become. I blogged on this topic most recently here. {BTW, that is not her business sign.}

I offered to introduce her to several influencers in my world who could be instrumental in catapulting her in to their worlds, and then she reciprocated with some of her trusted advisors for me to meet, and an invitation to a new master mind group.

One letter, one call, many upsides between good business and personal friends. Respect and help. Multipreneurship rocks. So does giving without expecting to receive.