Today's LinkedIn Nugget

It’s not a story unless someone is listening

mystoryAre you the proverbial tree falling in a forest, feeling there is no one present to experience, feel, or hear your impact?

How do you appear on the internet? Have you googled yourself recently? Most likely when someone googles you to find out more about you, your LinkedIn public profile is the first, or among the top, search results. That’s a good thing!

Why do you shortsheet yourself, then, on LinkedIn? Why can’t your profile be better?

Shouldn’t you portray the very best story about your career path: explaining why you do what you do, so the reader “gets” you right away? Composing one well puts you out there first, telling your own story, since no one tells it better than you!

So, make that story rich, compelling, enjoyable to read, in first person, with power verbs, telling your past leads to your present and where your future is. Make them want to listen. be an excellent, no be better…be an A+ candidate.

Do it now.

Before someone comes to read your story and contact you.

Now’s a good time.

When bored, for lack of a cohesive career story, they leave your profile and never come back. And you will never know the opportunity you lost for lack of a story they want to listen to, and go beyond to contact you to qualify you for the assignment.

See why I said now?