theatre seatsAt a jazz concert in NYC, a man sat down and we started chatting about the venue, had I heard the pianist before, what type of work do you do, etc.

Just before the concert started we exchanged business cards as there seemed to be some connection here in that I offer services that can help his nonprofit.

{90 minutes’ amazing jazz piano music interlude…use your imagination or watch a 1 minute video I took of the gifted jazz pianist}…

When we said goodbye, I promised to call him the next business day, to which he was amenable, and once in the car, I looked him up on LinkedIn on the mobile app. A good use of traffic delay time…{no need to use your imagination}.

Hey, here’s a coincidence..we know 2 people in common, but better, he spent 4 of his career’s formative years in my hometown!

So not only can we explore these tentacles on the upcoming call, but we can also move beyond the small talk in the concert to a deeper-than-a-cold-call conversation how I can help him, given why I do what I do, and his organization’s needs to accomplish this expanded “why” as well.

This is not the first time a chance encounter with unknown connectivity has led to prospective business.

How would I have ever known the hometown connection without LinkedIn? Do you make use of every tool to sweeten an encounter?