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#LinkedIn feeds our smartphone addiction

iphoneaddictionI was perusing my news feed on my LinkedIn Home page the other day and this post from the LinkedIn editors smacked me square in the face: it’s an article lamenting smartphone addiction.

Yes, I may be an abuser too, and in this blog I have recently damned and then cautiously advised you in the best ways to use the LinkedIn smartphone app.

But this article on LinkedIn and addiction struck me in a very curious way. LinkedIn continues to pour resources into its smartphone app and that only makes us crave using it for more of a fix.

My point: our incessant addiction to gobble smartphone data and multimedia is not being reduced–LinkedIn is merely feeding our addiction.

A New York Times author speaks in a recent article how he went nearly cold turkey off his smartphone, so I think the topmost article I mentioned here on LinkedIn is a turkey indeed.

If you are reading this blog piece on your smartphone, please do not feel embarrassed, as if you have been caught cheating. It’s OK, I am a smartphone addict too. 

Your thoughts on this topic?