Today's LinkedIn Nugget

What did I win?

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Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster of gravity-defying ups and gut wrenching downs.

These chapters from your career story demonstrate past skills, experience, self-branding and thought leadership that grows your portfolio today and in the future in unpredictable ways. Past-present-future expressed on LinkedIn, among other places.

Referrals, endorsements, and recommendations are earned.  Kindred spirits applaud and laud each other. I always marvel at how the best people seem to know each other.

You must find the gem facets of your brand and say why you do them, and let others say how well you do them on top of your words: powerful stuff when executed properly.

But in addition to finesse,  luck and disappointment are part of the equation too. Right-place-right-time placement is not to be discounted. But you move onward from that to another success, earned from the serendipitous event that preceded it. That’s ok. No that’s great.

What did you win?

You won the:

  • glow of self-satisfaction
  • continuous in-the-moment fire in your belly to hustle on your own behalf
  • self-confidence that you are a mighty contender in the coliseum of business grappling
  • savvy articulation of why you do what you do (not what), and 
  • reward upon reaching the bottom of each rollercoaster hill of heightened heart rate, adrenalin coursing in your blood, and your synapses lit in anticipation of the next climb up another apex.

Rinse. repeat.