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My Q&A session rocked

MWHinaction_NYPL_032019Pardon me if I glow a bit.

I held a 90 minute question-and answer session last week and it was a success. Not for me so much; I left exhausted. The spillover audience seemed very motivated and asked some really great questions, to which I answered the how-tos and then the why-tos.

I like giving away more whys than hows.

The seats were filled by newbies and job seekers, by nonprofit pros and entrepreneurs, with the diversity of a NYC crowd, and then there was a comedian/screenwriter and a few financial planners.

The questions coagulated around getting more views on posts and articles. I gave my best recommendations and they seemed to many to be new ideas, so value added. Heads nodding…

I implored the attendees to actively nurture their group of known and respected connections and to cull out the dead ends.  I suggested they used the cue of birthdays and work anniversaries to decide if the celebrator was worth remaining connected to. Notes taken…

I was fortunate to have my favorite photographer Brett Deutsch with me that evening, and he shot me unobtrusively, for which I am grateful. Thanks Brett!

It was a grand evening, tapping me out for the energy I brought and then expended,  keeping the attendees motivated, and designed to make them think deeper.

Because it was live streamed and recorded, you can watch it here.

And then there was this great email a few days later:

Your LinkedIn presentation was extremely professional and filled with an amazing amount of useful information. I particularly liked how much time you took to answer our questions.

Mission accomplished. I hope to sortie on more “open mic” events in the future.


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