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LinkedIn’s mobile app is just not as robust, but use it well in other ways

mobileLIappThat’s not a complaint, but a fact.

Use the mobile app for the reason it is intended: while you are out of the office and need quick access, such as when:

  1. the person you are meeting suddenly is not available and someone else is subbing, so you now can get to know that new person, as much as you can see on his/her LinkedIn profile before the meeting, to make it as good as it can be
  2. you need to call someone and don’t have their mobile number (your mobile number is on your LinkedIn profile contact details, isn’t it?)
  3. you need to contact someone or research something quickly and your first level connections will be best able to help you make fastest contacts downstream to others
  4. you have a bit of time between appointments to catch up with your LinkedIn messages, group conversations, and read your news feed on your Home Page.
  5. and finally, a “native video” is on the spot, compelling, and you want to post that event for its spontaneity to your connections.

That’s what I call 5 ways to spend time well on a handy tool for the right reasons!

Word to the wise: be sure to make changes to your profile on your desktop rather than your mobile phone, to avoid typos and errors due to the small screen size. Get the whole experience.

Use the right version of LinkedIn in the right way.

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