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Why not to ignore #LinkedIn messages, ever!

messagenumbersI sit down with private coaching clients and often (too often!) when they open up their home page there’s a red speech bubble at the top bar next to the messages icon with a rather large number next to it. (Actually 153, not a screen capture from my LinkedIn profile BTW, is far from the largest I have ever seen!)

That speech bubble speaks volumes; it tells me the client  may be missing opportunities. The incoming messages are coagulating there, never drained out for reply or deletion. Uh oh.

{This blog post is influenced by an op-ed in the New York Times about the imperative to care to respond to emails, so I extended the theme to LinkedIn messages.}

And so you know this, there is no excuse for saying you did not see the message because the email address associated with your LinkedIn account is also getting emails telling you that you have a LinkedIn message to answer. No, you cannot run and cannot hide!

Lazy creatures that we are, in a fast-paced communications-laden world, we business professionals communicate  a lot via LinkedIn messages. They are convenient, fast, private, and (sometimes) command the receiver’s attention to attend to them.

The moral of the story is the same. Be responsive. You never know who is asking and why, and what gold may be on the other side of the message.

Ignoring the large number of inbox messages will certainly not make them go away. Business is about communication in the present. LinkedIn is that subset of senders and repliers in the business professional subset who expect interaction on a timely basis.

So get cracking and sift through these messages and trash the spam ones, the way-too-old-to-reply-to ones, and reply to the good ones, begging forgiveness for not being in the moment. 



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