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Anyone who’s not confused doesn’t understand what’s going on here

linkedin mazeI heard that adaptation of an Edward R. Murrow quote recently on TV news. It made me scratch my head since it’s akin to a double negative.

Our world is complicated. So is LinkedIn. In fact many complain it’s hard to use. So they throw their hands up and avoid it. Bad move, IMHO.

Like any platform or software. once you get the logic, it all flows better. Like a power tool, with all its new improvements, add-ons and repairs, adaptations and tweaks, LinkedIn still works if you know how to use it.

So if you are confused, here are a few tips to better understand what’s going on in LinkedIn:

  1. susbcribe to the LinkedIn blog.
  2. learn to use the Help Center
  3. emulate others whom you think are LinkedIn aces, by copying / adapting some of their ideas
  4. peruse YouTube or LinkedIn Learning for educational videos on any LinkedIn topic
  5. attend workshops (I suggest you find ones that only concentrate on LinkedIn rather than top 5 social media platforms to get the best bang for your free buck)
  6. get a book on the topic and there are so many, but I suggest you obtain the most recently published one(s) you can
  7. come ask me questions if you live anywhere near NYC when I speak at the NY Public Library in an “open mike” session I will hold.

Most importantly, don’t cheat yourself; invest in yourself, slowly if need be.

Get up to speed on how this power tool can help you, and you can help others, emphasis on the “social” part of social media. LinkedIn in particular.

Anyone who’s still confused about LinkedIn didn’t try to learn what’s going on here.

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