Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Huh? Who are you? Why are you asking me to connect on #LinkedIn?

A couple of graphics follow and tell the fable.

  1. What I received:


2.  What I replied:


Do you know the TV ad “Don’t smell like Walter?” If not, here it is. Watch it for 15 seconds.

This connection request smelled funny as it passed by.

Yet I gave her a second chance with 2 questions.

Two days later, no reply, just a lingering smell. So I ignored the connection request.

The moral to the fable: Don’t smell like her either, when you ask to connect to someone.

Tell them how you and they can help each other. Be verbal. Provide context and background.

Or don’t bother. Few ask the second time like I do.

I can’t make this stuff up….

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