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Send your post to the right group-it’s your choice

questionsI get questions all the time on how to do something or find a setting or something else that is not obvious on LinkedIn.

This one came from E, a colleague whose boss was having a tough time with a somewhat obscure setting on the mobile LinkedIn app.

My boss dictates posts regularly via his iPhone X and recently it began to post only to connections and not allowed to share.

His profile is set up for public and sharing and he can’t seem to get around this problem.  Any suggestion?

My answer:


Every post on the LinkedIn app for iPhone allows you to choose one of the following options in a dropdown box when you are ready to release the post, no matter if dictated or a graphic or link, as in these 2 screenshots from an article I posed this morning and in doing so I chose who my audience would be from the dropdown:


Choose the audience on LinkedIn and you may want to add Twitter as an additional social media audience as well. All in a couple of clicks!

Now E, her boss, and you know.

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