Last  year this time it was 545 million.

That mean LinkedIn grew about 10%  in one year. That’s pretty impressive.

The developing world is slurping up LinkedIn as internet is becoming more prevalent, with the opportunities for us all growing in powerful ways.

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But what’s even more impressive is the box below with some fascinating statistics formt hs ame source cited above:


Now tell me, with stats like this, why are you deliberately short-changing  your prospects for new business and interconnectivity with well-vetted colleagues by having an anemic profile?

The readers are out there.

They seek interesting, memorable stories and skill sets that you may have, that they may need.

The profile you project is the first blush, a few microseconds, of consideration to pursue business or referrals with you.

Why woud you allow yourself to appear less than amazing?

Why not be amazing-er than the competition?

Now you know why I rail on this topic day after day.

It’s just that important!