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Remember when I told you about that IRL meeting?

success2Not only did a meeting help the ice break, but we are now moving together swimmingly. OK, fluidly.

Backing up, JIC you missed the earlier post here in this blog a few days ago, and  jumping you into the middle of the story: with a prospective client there were too many staccato emails with little being accomplished, speedy phone calls, too, and we seemed to be “on the right track but on the wrong train,” as my country-raised algebra teacher used to tell us.

Time and lost revenue were a-wasting away…so I suggested a face-to-face meeting to accelerate scoping a framework, which became a complex proposal to a professional services firm, whcih was accepted!

The trust and confidence that comes from meeting the principals turned the original scope of the project into something larger, much larger, due to our mutually better understanding their need and vision, and the solution, all from that roundtable discussion.

Well, I am very pleased with the contract: multi-month, LinkedIn group training and personal coaching, a better company profile page, a social media policy…the whole enchilada.

Something told me that IRL (in real life) was the way, once again, despite the usual impersonal way of consummating business. There was too much at stake to let it go without human, more personal interplay.

Be more IRL.

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