laurafredricktynoteI had the good fortune of presenting at a conference a few years ago just after Laura Fredricks and also to partake of lunch with her thereafter from the buffet conga line.

We conversed, laughed, exchanged cards, and later I offered to connect with her (she is a great presenter as well as guru in her field of the “ask” in nonprofit fundraising).

When she shared the graphic above on LinkedIn the other day, and I, as one of her first level connections, saw it on my news feed, I was so happy for her, but wanted to remind her to also memorialize the gratitude she received via such a heartfelt written thank-you from an attendee, this time as a permanent recommendation on her LinkedIn profile.

So, I had to chime in. I couldn’t let her miss the opportunity to add this accolade to her LinkedIn profile, and thus preserve it for posterity!

I messaged her on LinkedIn:

Suggestion: ask the writer for a LinkedIn recommendation quoting this note verbatim. Otherwise it will be lost in a few days on LinkedIn as new material layers on and the reader of your profile will not know what a huge compliment it was! Brava!

She replied that was a terrific idea and she will follow up with my suggestion asap. Good.

And you should do the same: never let a warm congratulatory phone call, email, or a (rare) handwritten “thank you” ever go unmentioned on LinkedIn. Initiate the LinkedIn recommendation process immediately while the good feelings are fresh.

You earned it, so show it!