Linkedin birthday cake“So what’s the big deal with this guy and  LinkedIn?” you say.

I say, “I have so much to owe to it.”

LinkedIn is my voice, my thought leadership, for lawyers, nonprofit professionals, baby boomers, and also the myriad of past one-to-one clients and the business professional people I have trained in groups, companies, at public and private training sessions: you name the field, and I have trained someone from that industry:

  • Scholars to stand-up comics.
  • Epidemiologists to exterminators.
  • Insurance producers to industrial designers.
  • Architects to auto mechanics.

LinkedIn is how I find the right people to connect with, how I disconnect from the ones that turned out to be less-than-desireable, how I advertise my company and market my services, how I contribute links to articles, books, podcasts. webinars, I’m featured in or wrote myself.

It’s how I thank the people I surround myself with as I nurture them. And they return the favor.

It should not take you 14 years to accomplish this. It did not for me. I just nerd out when I think about how long I have been at LinkedIn, how it has benefitted me, what it was, is and is becoming.

And carrying me along with it…hopefully my carrying you too.